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*gets a compliment*


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Into the Wild (2007)

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Erik’s always had a way with guns.

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I'm never getting inside of that head again.

mythology meme:  [3/3] mythical rulers

↳ romulus and remus of alba longa

Twin sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia, they were nursed by a she-wolf as infants and raised by a simple shepherd and his wife. Once they reached adulthood, they helped overthrow the false king of Alba Longa. Rather than press their own claim to the throne, however, they decided to restore the rightful king, and found a new city of their own. A disagreement arose, concerning the location of this new city; the brothers fought and Remus was killed. Romulus founded Rome and brought it glory, but as the years passed he became increasingly autocratic, and in the end either disappeared, ascended to the heavens to become a god in his own right, or was killed by the Senate, depending on the particular version of the myth.

I'm no ordinary woman.
                                    My dreams come true.

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Merlin Cast Fest  ► Bradley James Week
Day Four: Favourite Quote
If our names were actually a representation of who we are, I’d be called Angel.”